Honors Council


Black Media Honors Council is a not-for-profit that represents a diversity of industry creatives and media professionals. Our membership focuses on service, advocacy and recognition of the media industry.

We invite you to dig deeper into the work of our community. As you explore, we hope you are inspired to be an active member.


Like the Black Media Honors™️, Honors Council membership is culture-driven and peer-reviewed on an annual cycle.

To be considered for an invitation to join:

  • Get two strong recommendations from media industry peers.
  • After your recommendations are received by the Council, tell us more about your career*. Profiles must be complete by the deadline provided to be considered for that year.

*Candidates will receive an email with a link and candidate code to complete the candidate profile.

A new member submission includes two recommendations and a complete profile. (Profiles can only be completed after recommendations are received.) New member submissions are considered by the Honor Council’s Review Panel each spring.

If approved by the Honor Council, candidates are invited to join the Honors Council by June 30 and have until that year’s Black Media Honors™️ voting deadline to accept.

The Honors Council approves membership at its sole discretion based on its assessment of the submission.

Want to know what it takes to receive an invite? Check our FAQ



  1. Two strong recommendation forms from media industry peers
  2. Career substantiation through independently verifiable documentation that demonstrates an active, primary career in direct support of media creators, including but not limited to:
  3. Listing on company website
  4. Published biography or résumé
  5. Professional awards or honors
  6. Press where you are referenced in relation to your profession
  7. Other verifiable documentation that substantiates your career in direct support of media
  8. All completed new member submissions will be considered by the Honor Council’s Review Panel, which convenes each spring. Approved candidates will receive invitations to join the Honors  Council by June 30 and have until that year’s Black Media Honors voting deadline to accept.
  9. The Honors Council approves membership at its sole discretion based on its assessment of the submission.


To serve on the Black Media Honors Board of Directors and Honors Council takes an extreme level of commitment. One must be a creative visionary with a sense of purpose and dedication. 

The Board of Directors directs the TBMH’s strategic vision, preserves the organization’s financial health and assures the fulfillment of its mission. Board of Directors is an elected, non-compensated body of industry professionals responsible for overseeing the successful operations of the TBMH. In addition to approving policy and direction, Board members serve as an active and involved industry leadership advisory source to the President & CEO. Members proactively support TBMH programs and visions through their input, use of their professional networks on behalf of the association, and personal participation in association programs and activities.

Directors attend 6-8 board meetings annually (in person or by video conference when out of town). Each Director also serves on one board oversight committee and their branch’s executive committee, and they are expected to represent their branch at numerous Honors events through the year.

Directors have fiduciary responsibilities imposed by state law to serve the TBMH’s best interests, by acting with responsibility and care when approving annual goals presented by executive team, as well as major policies concerning governance.

Executive Board Members Opportunities 

  • Asst. Vice President: (Unfilled)
  • Executive Assistant
  • Treasurer
  • Talent Engagement
  • Nomination | Submissions | Awards
  • Public Relations 
  • Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Strategic Partnerships & Activations
  • Marketing &  Innovation
  • Communications


Interested in submitting for Board of Directors?

Submit email to info@blackmediahonors.com 


  • Interest
  • Specific Area
  • Describe how you feel you can best serve on the Board of Directors 
  • Your professional experience (Attach Bio | Resume)
  • Website | LinkedIn Profile (if applicable)



  1. Attend a post-secondary school and enrolled mass media undergraduate or graduate program
  2. Major or minor in Media, Entertainment, Journalism, or related field
  3. Plan to work in the media industry upon graduation. 
  4. Current coursework must be applicable to the media industry.
  5. Candidates who use this option must call the Honors Council’s Membership Department at 404.585.7053 to substantiate their commitment to a career in music (e.g. internship, job, writing samples).

The Honors Council approves membership at its sole discretion based on its assessment of the submission.


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