Important Notice: Nominations are only being accepted for 2021 award year. Each nomination must be in the media industry in one of the categories below. You must explain the basis of your nomination in complete detail. Incomplete nominations will not be accepted. We do not accept self nominations. If your nomination is accepted, the nominee will receive a nomination notice and will be required to submit additional requirements for the nominee portfolio. If the nominee portfolio is not submitted by the deadline provided, the nominee will forfeit the nomination. Please review the guidelines and if you have any questions email atyler@blackmediahonors.com

The vision of the Black Media Honors is to recognize the trailblazers in African American Media and other American minorities who have paved the way for the broadcasting, public relations, media, mass communication, journalism professionals of today. 

The Gala celebrates the outstanding accomplishments. Each year, the Black  Media Honors will recognize leaders who have successfully blazed trails and who pay particular attention to societal issues and values; the local media industry; and exceptional college students majoring in public relations, media, mass communication, journalism etc.

Black Media Honors :tm: is thrilled to honor such an impressive group of professionals purpose seekers. These individuals have impacted the development of robust communications between clients and their publics as well as creating and bringing news/entertainment to the community at large.

The nominees serve as an example of the great talent we have in the media/entertainment industry and reflect the Media industry’s core strength of helping people move their career & brands forward. 

Media Types include: 

  • Newspapers, 
  • Magazine, 
  • Radio, 
  • Podcast,
  • Television,
  • Internet.
  • Public Relations Agencies 
  • Media Agencies 
  • Organizations 
  • Individual Brands


For more information or to apply for media credentials contact info@blackmediahonors.com



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